My passion of tutoring started in 2001 when I was attending college at Georgia Southern University . In college I was doing pretty well in math while I saw some of my classmate’s struggle. I decided to offer free tutoring after class to help a couple students and that quickly grew into around 20 students. While doing this, I realized how much I enjoyed helping others find success in Mathematics. I quickly changed my major to Education and now I continue to do what I love, teach. There is no better joy to me than seeing a student that formerly struggled in mathematics develop a love of math and learning. After several parent’s reached out to me over the 14 years of teaching for me to help their child, I have found a way to reach students beyond my school: Apple Tutoring.

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Katie Klinker
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Katie Roman

Katie Klinker is a current public High School teacher in Asheville, North Carolina. She has Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Perdue University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Georgia Southern University. She has taught for 14 years as a High School Mathematics teacher. She has been nominated by each school she has taught in as their Teacher of the Year. She is currently the 2020 Reynold’s District Teacher of the Year. She has also been awarded the Humanist Award for Exceptional Education. She has experience of taking on leadership roles in her school: Department chair, Freshman Academy Coordinator, Vice President of School Council and a teacher leader and mentor to other teachers.

Katie Roman is current public High School teacher in Asheville, North Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science in English Education and Special Education. She additionally has math certification and brings with her a lengthy list of certifications to work with students with disabilities. She moved to Asheville from Florida. She is a passionate educator that is extremely dedicated to helping at risk students. 

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