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Striving for high quality education at affordable prices to give confidence to your child that need supports.


Our philosophy is simple: All students can succeed academically given the appropriate instructional strategies in  an encouraging environment that caters to each students needs, learning styles and abilities. Ultimately aiming to bring out their best abilities and aid them in becoming educated problem solvers with eagerness to continue to learn, advance and contribute positively to society. Our team reflects this philosophy. Each educator brings their own unique strategies to help students learn. We are all licensed teachers with backgrounds in learning disabilities.   We understand the importance knowing how each student works and learns and prepare individualized plan to help students reach their maximum potential. We aim to remediate, enrich and build self -confidence. Investing in your child is the best investment you can make.

Our team is lead by Katie Klinker. Katie Klinker is a current public High School teacher in Asheville, North Carolina. She has Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Perdue University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Georgia Southern University. She has taught for 14 years as a High School Mathematics teacher. She has been nominated by each school she has taught in as their Teacher of the Year. She is currently the 2020 Reynold’s District Teacher of the Year. She has also been awarded the Humanist Award for Exceptional Education. She has experience of taking on leadership roles in her school: Department chair, Freshman Academy Coordinator, Vice President of School Council and a teacher leader and mentor to other teachers.  She truly loves what she does and I think you will find that quite obvious. 


1:1 lessons specifically designed for your child to help fill gaps, enrich and build self confidence. We identify strengths, weaknesses and develop plans to support strengths and target weaknesses. We also build in mentorship to personalize the experience and help your child love learning and build confidence.


Don't let homework be a frustration. In our carefully designed homework program we help a group of students (maximum of 3) conquer their homework and build skills. Your child can work on their homework or we can create resources that supplement their in class learning. 



Don't let the test stop you from your goals. Apple Tutoring will identify students strengths and weaknesses and individualize a plan to help your child maximize their success on the test. In addition to addressing content standards on the test, we work on test taking strategies and familiarize students with problem types.



Asheville, North Carolina



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